Preparation Instructions

Preparation Instructions
These are my Instructions in accordance with my consultation methods and techniques. It is important to understand that my techniques differ significantly from others, and not bringing all the listed birth dates, photos and/or items, when you could have done so, could significantly impact on your consultation outcome. The outcome of a psychic reading doesn’t depend solely on the skills of the reader; it also depends on how much effort the client puts into it. I suggest you think of your Psychic Consultation as an investment in your future and prepare yourself for it.

Alcohol & Drugs:
Please refrain from partaking of alcohol or illicit drugs for at least 12 hours prior to, or during your consultation.

Preparation Instructions Check Lists:

Read carefully, skim reading will cause you to miss very important points – prepare what I have asked for whether you think you want to know about them or not.
Please bring all of the following birthdates, photos and/or items so I can conduct your consultation as effectively as possible. Don’t be overly concerned if the information listed has been lost, destroyed or is otherwise unobtainable, the reading can still go ahead, simply provide what you honestly can whether you understand the reason for it or not. However, if you just can’t be bothered gathering the items, it will affect the outcome for you.

Please write the following list down and bring it with you for ease of reference. The full and accurate Birth Dates: (eg: Jason 9 Nov 1963) for people from your life, including the deceased, include the following:
Check List:
Your Parents, including Step, Biological & In-laws. Include ex-in-laws related to your children.
Your current Partner/s & Love Interests.
Your ex-Partners – include marriage and divorce dates or approximation of meeting/ leaving if not married.
Your  Children – if asking about children, please have both biological parents’ & any step parents’ birthdates also.
Your brothers and sisters.
Also include the date of death for any deceased persons.
You may include:
Friends & workmates, particularly if you have questions regarding situations surrounding them and yourself.
Events from your life: Please include any past or upcoming dates for events such as Marriages, Divorces, House Moves, Study, Jobs, Business Ventures, especially if you have questions about the situation.

Please gather and bring the following photos. Please do NOT cut people or things out of photos, leave them whole. The aura of those removed remains visible to me and slows down the reading. Bring the albums and frames from the walls. If your photos are on a digital camera/ laptop or phone, bring that (with the power cord).
Check List:
Multiple photographs of each of the following:
Each person in your Birthdate list taken on different days/ or from different angles;
Any relevant objects (house/ land/ car/ boat/ etc)
This means photos of yourself, your family and everyone you are thinking of asking about.
The best photos are individual (not touching anyone else) full length, without face or head coverings and without alcohol consumption. Remember, more and varied is better, so don’t disadvantage yourself by only bringing only one or two.

Please organise and have with you the following associated ITEMS:
Check List:
Objects like jewellery, wallets, paperwork, business cards, work contracts etc, relevant to your situation and questions.
In fact, any physical object related to the questions you have is extremely useful for me to obtain more information for you. Again, more is better than less, especially if the items are related to your life guidance questions or belonged to those deceased whom you have made your appointment to contact.

Communication with the Other Side Consultations:
Are of a 2-hour duration.
Check List:
Bring all of the above information as well as the Birth Dates, Dates of Death and Items and Photos of those whom you wish to communicate with or obtain information about.

Please Read:
My Style and General Information

I look forward to providing insights and guidance to help you on the next part of your life’s journey!
Life … it’s for the Living!
Ryllandra Rose
Psychic Medium & Life Path Specialist