General Information

What happens in a Consultation?

Each consultation is different, a lot of what happens depends on you and how you have, or haven’t, prepared for coming to see me.

I use a variety of psychic skills and abilities and use a blend of methods based on what I perceive will both work best, and provide the most effective outcome, for you. Clients often comment on how different it is to have me tell them about what’s going on in their lives, and then explain why it is and how to change it. I do my best to ensure you understand the information and messages presented for you.

I use non-trance mediumship skills to contact beings in spirit, whether they are loved ones who have passed, or your own personal Spirit Guides and advisors however, I choose not to do Trance Mediumship. Clients can choose to have a Life Guidance Consultation or a Combination Life Guidance and Contact with the Other Side Consultation. You can find out more about how I do what I do at My Style.

What is a Life Guidance Consultation?

My specialty is in reading and providing information about Life Paths. Using my unique Ryllian Life Path Profiling©, I am able to determine future life events based on your current and past choices and experiences. Because I believe we are here to live a life of self empowerment, I’ve developed techniques to take this process further. I am able to access and provide options to guide and help decision making so you can create the future you desire for yourself. We all have Free Will, by exercising that power we can make dramatic changes in our lives to get the most out of every moment. A Life Guidance Consultation is not just about reading the future, it’s about discovering the ways you can use to create the future YOU want for yourself. For contact with the deceased a Contact Consultation is required.

What is a Contact with the Other Side Consultation?

The Soul is eternal and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. A Contact Consultation provides the opportunity for those who have passed over to communicate any final thoughts or guidance, sometimes it’s about being able to say those things they wished they had said while alive, it’s about allowing those still alive to say the things they wish they’d said. Sometimes it’s about passing on information or advice to comfort, assist or guide choices yet to be made. Contact Consultations are a minimum of two hours as there are aspects of a Life Guidance Consultation that must be resolved before other communication can happen.

How to get the most from a Consultation with me.

You’ve chosen to see me. With that in mind, you must realise that my way of doing things is what gets the good results my clients enjoy; therefore, putting some effort of your own into gathering what I ask you to bring to your consultation just makes sense. Everyone is psychic and almost anybody can do the superficial stuff, if you want indepth, life altering information, the more preparation effort you put in, the more you will get out of your consultation with me.

1. Follow these Instructions to the best of your ability
All I ask is that you follow my preparation instructions carefully and mindfully, simply put, just take the time to organise yourself and bring what I have asked for. I want all that is on the list, or as much as you can organise, not what you ‘think’ I’ll want or what you think I ‘should’ have. If you were going to an accountant to get your tax done, you wouldn’t go with only a few receipts and say, “Oh, I thought this would be enough, I thought you’d be able to work out the rest from these bits.” You’d take everything remotely relevant in the hope you’d get a better return for your efforts. So please bring what I ask for when you come to see me, that way I can give you a great deal more for your effort than if you skim read and make preconceived ideas about what a psychic consultation is about.

2. Keep an open attitude
For some reason a few people come to a consultation totally closed down, wanting the psychic to ‘prove’ themselves before they share anything, this really isn’t a good way to start. I don’t want your life story, I generally only ask a few questions with ‘yes’; ‘no’; ‘maybe’ or ‘ I don’t know’ being the type of answer required. It’s ok to be skeptical, I am too and I do this stuff, but while remaining aware and alert, be open enough to allow a connection with you.

3. Do not consume any illicit drugs or alcohol before the consultation
Required medication is fine, but alcohol and other mind altering drugs seriously damages your aura, creating access to false information because of external influences. I don’t care if you’re a drug user, just refrain from being under the influence when you come for a consultation with me.

Refund Policy
Due to unscrupulous people in the past, I now run a “No Refunds” on consultations policy. In my 40 year career I’ve only been asked for a refund 3 times. Two were attempts to defraud, with the other being an issue of the person not wishing to hear the truth.