My Style

Image of Ryllandra using some divination tools.A Different Way of Doing Things

It’s very important to understand that the outcome of a psychic reading doesn’t depend solely on the skills of the reader; it also depends on how much effort the client puts into it.  When having a consultation with me, I suggest you think of your Psychic Consultation as an investment in your future and prepare yourself for it.
I do my reading consultations very differently from others, it’s important not to allow any preconceived ideas from experiences with other readers, or from books, or TV and movies to influence what you decide to include or not include in your consultation.
Including what I’ve asked for in the Preparation Instructions opens a multitude of pathways for me to use to connect with your life potentials and those around you. If that information honestly isn’t available, I use different methods, so for those who simply don’t have it available to them, I can still conduct your consultation. It’s just that it’s a lot easier for me, and thus more beneficial to you, to work with the system I’ve developed.

Some of My Beliefs and Experiences:

I believe everyone is psychic and therefore, anyone can connect to the psychic worlds and receive impressions from them; anyone can tell you you’ll meet a tall, dark handsome stranger – and the truth is, you will – you meet them everyday in the street.

Anyone can do this, however, only a skilled psychic can discern the truths from the distractions in order to tell you about the potentials of cause and effect, and how to create those things in your own life.

When issues from the past impact on a reading it is so that you may use the past experience to better work on your present occurrences.

When future potentials impact on a reading, it is to help you use all of your past experiences, as well as the information of the future possibilities, to make the most of your present situation.

An important point to remember, is that no matter what you may be told or read to the contrary, what I, or any other clairvoyant or psychic perceive are potentials only, nothing is written in concrete, all is potentially alterable in some way. A good psychic will know that although they sensed a future event that appeared to have a negative outcome, it is not the whole picture and they must not allow their personal fears to impact on how they impart that information to their client.

I’ve heard of psychics telling people they’ll die in a crash with a white car, which is really a silly thing to do, as what they’ve seen is only a small part of the potential event. The death can be symbolic, meaning that a person who usually speeds  might see a fatal crash and realise it could have been them, and thus, ‘the death’ is not their own, but the ‘death’ of old habits. Or, it could just as easily not be a fatal situation at all, ‘the death’ could be symbolic of changes.

Ethical, professional and experienced psychic practitioners tend to be more able to discern more accurately the relevant points for their clients instead of rushing into the obvious, and wrong, interpretations of visions such as these.

I’ve had my abilities since very early childhood, always being accompanied by ‘see through people’ that I didn’t know until years later were not visible to others. It was only as I grew older that I realised others couldn’t see, know or hear what I could. As I grew older and honed my skills, I learned that while everyone has their own psychic senses, not everyone chooses to work with them or develop them.

My Techniques:

Playing Cards & Life Path Profiling: I combine quite a number of techniques in every consultation, some the client will be aware of as I use them, like if I use my Playing Cards; or when I use my Ryllian Life Path Profiling © from the birthdates I request. I use the items clients bring to link into the multiple pathways related to the situations surrounding them; however, this method won’t necessarily be as obvious.

Spirit Advisors, Guardians & Guides: Past Life issues may cross over into a current life forming patterns that require close examination to accept and/or overcome. A Guardian or Spirit Guide may need to make contact with you, or simply pass on important information to you. Usually, clients don’t see or hear my Spirit Advisors as they show me information to pass on to the client, friends or family. A clients’ Spirit Helpers will often communicate messages or information to me, to be passed on to their human charge, sometimes a client will be aware of the presence of these helpers while this happens.

Psychometry: I may use Psychometry to make connections with time periods in your life. Sometimes those who have passed over may ‘come through’ with messages or information. I also obtain information from the people and objects in photographs and by using Psychometry, ‘read’ the energy of items, using each method to confirm the information I’ve perceived to ensure I’ve got accuracy in the matter. Reading the energy field, or aura, of people and objects helps me uncover greater insights into the experiences, past, present and future, that are embedded in the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical layers of a persons’ life potentials.

Extra Sensory Perceptions: I call myself a Psychic, a Medium, a Life Path Specialist, and a Life Guidance Consultant; because there is no one word or phrase that covers the skills I use in a reading consultation. Psychic is an umbrella term for the ability to sense the unseen by using a variety of extrasensory perceptions. As a Psychic, I combine many different skills and abilities, including seeing, hearing, knowing, tasting, smelling, and feeling the pain and experiences of others – past, present and future – to receive the information that is meant for an individual. Medium is the term popularly understood as meaning the ability to communicate with the deceased.

Skill Foundations & Developments: I was the first psychic to call myself a Life Guidance Consultant, back when Witchcraft and Fortune Telling were still offences under the then Queensland Vagrants, Gaming and Other Offences Act. In fact, in Qld it was only in the year 2000 that Psychic Services became legally recognised, thus under the name of Bellus Materia, I became the first fully registered psychic medium business in Qld and have been pioneering changes in the psychic field ever since.

It was after having developed my own unique system of Ryllian Life Path Profiling ©, that I coined the phrase Life Path Specialist. Using this system I quickly and accurately tap into a person’s Life Path potentials to identify the issues they’ve brought into this life to both experience and/or to overcome. I will offer guidance on what the best and worst choices in a given situation are likely to be for them. Sometimes, it is dealing with choices already made and seeing ways of getting the best from the situation. Often these situations have not yet occurred, thus they are able to direct their lives more effectively. Forewarned is forearmed and provides the time to make better-informed decisions and choices. The reason children, partners, siblings & others are in your life can be discovered. The best date for beginning a venture or why you feel bad on certain days can be determined.

Ethics: Accuracy and honesty are vitally important to me, and my Advisors, in delivering messages and information because the reader does not always know precisely how the information fits together for the client. Thus information needs to be passed on accurately, honestly and with compassion and understanding for the possible impact it may have on the person receiving it. I’ve sometimes stated some very blunt and colourful messages precisely as they have been told to me to pass on, wondering how the client will respond, only to have them almost jump for joy as the message was a true and accurate representation of the person they were contacting and offered the closure they needed on a particular situation.

I am honest, straightforward and down to earth. I do the hard stuff uncovering the reasons why we are the way we are, and showing how to take those experiences and use them as building blocks to move forward in life the way you really wish you could. I know from my own experiences that if we don’t use those so-called negative experiences from the past as manure to fertilise a new future, then, they, the perpetrators, those who harmed us, deliberately or otherwise, have won … and, that’s just not on!

My Role:

My role is to help you to create the future you want for yourself. I will do this by identifying past and present issues that may be inhibiting your path, as well as future potentials that may either detract from, or enhance your ability to achieve your goals and dreams.

I am a Life Guidance Consultant, here to inform and educate, to provide you with the tools and strategies to help you discover, and work with, the choices you have available to you now and in the future, so you can create a better life for yourself.

I am not here to judge or criticise, but to explain how even the most challenging situations can be used for your growth & betterment. I will not make choices or decisions for you, I will provide you with options and potential outcomes dependant upon your choices.

The Clients’ Role:

All I ask is that you follow my Preparation Instructions carefully and mindfully, bring what I have asked you to bring, rather than just bringing what you ‘think’ I’ll want or what you think I ‘should’ have. If you were going to an accountant to get your tax done, you wouldn’t go with only a few receipts and say, “Oh, I thought this would be enough, I thought you’d be able to work out the rest from these bits.” You’d take everything remotely relevant in the hope you’d get a better return for your efforts. So please, bring what I ask for when you come to see me, that way I can give you a great deal more for your effort than if you skim read and make preconceived ideas about what a psychic consultation is about.

Use your consultation time wisely, listen well, take notes and do not be afraid to ask questions for clarity. While I’ll ask you for the areas you want me to touch on in the consultation, eg: Love, Finances, Study – do not tell me about yourself or ask me leading questions, that is, questions designed to lead to the answers you want to hear.

Sometimes you may need to think a little abstractly as the information may be related to issues you’re not currently focused on, but are still very important to you. Don’t expect me to make a decision for you about how to live your life, only you can do that.

No-one can live your life for you, nor can they tell you how to live it, it is up to the individual person to determine what, if anything, they will use from a Psychic Consultation. Thus, the outcome is not determined by the psychic or ‘reader’ but depends on what the client does with the information they have gained from their consultation.

Life … it’s for the Living!